In-House Testing Lab

Always Innovating

The Only IFE/CMS Supplier with a Complete
In-house Test Lab

At Custom Control Concepts we are constantly innovating and testing new prototypes. As our engineers create new designs they use feedback from the test lab to refine each design element. The ability to test in-house, allows us to decrease the time it takes to.

In-House Testing Capabilities:

• Altitude
• Temperature
• Shock and Crash Safety
• Magnetic Effect

• Flammability
• Decompression
• Power Input

• Electrostatic Discharge
• 300 lbs. Static Load
Ball Impact
• 9 G Pull

• And More

High Speed Centrifuge


Our high speed centrifuge is used for constant acceleration crash safety testing. Each product is subjected to 9+ G’s of force in six directions of all three axes Data from these tests detect structural, mechanical and mounting hardware strength limits and allow our engineers to refine their designs.

EMI / RF Chamber


CCC's certification team tests new designs for EMI and RF emission levels. Data provided by this testing helps our engineers reduce emissions as products are developed. This makes final testing easier and ensures that we have a design that will meet DO-160 standards.

Flammability Chamber


An on-site Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber allows us to test all new design materials to ensure they meet specific FAA flammability requirements. The ability to test each new material on site allows us to accelerate the incorporation of the latest technology into our product line.

Environmental Chamber


The Environmental Chamber tests products in extreme variations of temperature and humidity. This allows our engineers to test their designs in conditions that will be encountered in the aircraft.

Vibration & Shock Table


An industrial sized Vibration & Shock Table allows CCC to simulate the day to day vibrations and shocks products will encounter during in-flight use.