Switch Panels & Touchscreens

Custom Control Concepts has a  complete line of Switch Panels and Touch Screens to give you absolute control of your In-Flight Entertainment and Cabin Management Systems (IFE/CMS). We specialize in integrating your complete aircraft with custom Switch Panels and user interfaces on Touch Screens and  iPad remotes. All aspects of your aircraft are integrated including existing and third party electronics, such as satellite TV, external cameras, shades, and Airshow.

Custom Switch Layout and Design

Our team creates each Switch Panel with your personal needs and unique aircraft layout in mind. Your input and vision guides the entire design process from start to finish. Choose bezel design and shape, as well as button layout and location. 3D software renders are used to create and refine the design of every switch panel. Prior to fabrication, physical mock ups are used for final design approval and aircraft fitment checks.



Custom Graphics

Each button is fully customized with your choice of text, status, symbols, and overlay color. With various color options available for backlighting each button. Choose and tweak buttons from our large library or create your own to give you full control of your IFE and CMS systems.


Machined from Solid Aluminum

Beginning with a solid block of aluminum our in-house machine shop fabricates each switch panel with precision and care. This technique creates Switch Panels with high strength and low weight, while also allowing amazing design freedom.  


Custom Finishes

Each bezel receives a custom finish to match your cabin's interior. Our in-house powder coating facilities can create a wide range of finish textures and colors. Or we offer custom plating in your choice of metals including gold and silver


Touch Screen Control Panels

Gain the ultimate in control and flexibility with a Touch Screen Switch Panel. Each Touch Screen offers a custom graphical user interface and menus for your IFE and CMS. Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional Switch Panel with the convenience and power of modern technology.