Audio and Video In-Flight Entertainment Source Equipment

Custom Control Concepts media sources deliver every option to your In-Flight Entertainment System. From CDs, and DVDs, to Blu-ray, VHS and Cassettes, we can play it. Not only that, our system enables simultaneous playback and control from any part of the cabin.

Our AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) System is the ultimate In-Flight Entertainment Source, allowing audio and video streaming to every monitor in your cabin.

Our integration expertise means your IFE will be seamlessly integrated with your favorite entertainment devices, including video game consoles, smart phones, and tablets.

Blu-ray, DVD, CD Players and More...

Custom Control Concepts has a full line of cutting edge Blu-ray, DVD, and CD players to ensure your IFE never gets boring. Our all digital IFE system allows distribution from each player to every monitor in the cabin with no loss in quality. We even provide equipment for VHS and Cassette playback for those with classic entertainment collections.

IFE On-Demand with AVOD

AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) is the perfect source for your In-Flight Entertainment. Load your favorite DVD or Blu-rays into the system to enjoy on every flight. AVOD plays movies on every monitor in the cabin with full and independent playback control. So you can pause your screen without interrupting others who might be enjoying the same movie.

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Video Game Integration

We are the world leader in full CMS and IFE integration, including Video Game Consoles. We integrate with all the major systems including PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. And because we are the only all digital IFE and CMS provider your favorite shooter or adventure game will come through in full HD with no drop in frame rate or lag.

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Seamlessly Integrate Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iPlane

Get the most from each flight with your favorite Apple Devices. CCC's docking and charging stations allow you to enjoy entertainment directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod anywhere in the cabin. While the iPlane Application places Cabin Management at your finger tips, allowing full IFE and CMS control.

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