SkyShow 3D Moving Map System

SkyShow 3D Moving Map System

Complement your Custom Control Concepts In-Flight Entertainment System with SkyShow, CCC's fully integrated 3D Moving Map System. SkyShow provides hi-resolution imagery and precise flight data to ensure that you always know where you are, where you are going, and when you will arrive.

You Are Here

Custom Aircraft Model

Custom Aircraft Models

Our designers create a 3D model of your aircraft. Including detailed paint scheme.

Flight Paths

Multiple flight path views track your flight, ensuring you know where you are and your time to destination.

Custom Aircraft Model

Location Pointer

Keep track of important locations while in flight. Perfect for knowing where Mecca or home is.

Multiple Flight Paths

Detailed Place Names

SkyShow's extensive library of place names ensures that you will always know the places below your flight.

See the World

Custom Aircraft Model

Terrain View

SkyShow integrates detailed Satellite imagery into 3D maps to show you exactly where you are.

Multiple Flight Paths

High Definition Graphics

Enjoy a close up view of points of interest around the world.

Custom Aircraft Model

World View

See it all with SkyShow's interactive World view.

Multiple Flight Paths

Multiple Map Views

SkyShow comes standard with multiple map views, allowing you to choose how you see the world.

Smart Infotainment

Custom Aircraft Model

Custom Flight Data

SkyShow gives you control over how much information you receive, as well as how you view it.

Multiple Flight Paths


Never lose track of time again. SkyShow makes sure you know all times pertinent to your flight.

Multiple Languages

SkyShow can translate flight, map, safety, and other data into any language you choose.

Multiple Flight Paths

Safety Briefings

Put safety first with built in audio and visual safety briefings.