Advanced Design and Precise Control
Set the Perfect In-Flight Ambience.


Custom Control Concept’s Spectrum™ Cabin Lighting System was designed specifically with the needs of the VIP aircraft owner in mind. Spectrum™ lights use advanced LED technology to create natural whites and vibrant color variations to bring out the beauty of the aircraft’s interior and set the mood for any occasion.


Spectrum™ Cabin Lighting Features:

  • 100% LED cabin lighting solution
  • Manufactured using ultra-light composite materials
  • Full dimming control
  • Endless color variations
  • Control is incorporated into each light to allow individual light adjustment
  • Custom presets easily recall your favorite lighting settings
  • Lights may be grouped to facilitate programing
  • Custom bezel design and plating ensure each light accentuates the aircraft’s interior
  • Adjust lighting with touchscreens or iPlane on Apple or Android devices
  • Engineered to accommodate the variable power inputs common on aircraft

Spectrum Can and Read Light

Integrated control for individual light adjustments

Spectrum Strip Light

Elegant accent lighting

Independently adjust individual lights, preset sections or all cabin lights with the touch of a button. Each light is fully dimmable and displays an endless variation of colors.

CCC created the Spectrum Strip Light to provide smooth consistant wash lighting. Our strip light delivers soft whites and endless color variations to accent any interior.

Flex Lighting

Designed for seamless flexibility




The Spectrum Flex Light is designed to seamlessly link with the Spectrum Strip Light for uniform wash, with no hot or cool zones. The innovative flex link design ensures you'll enjoy full color and dimming control with vibrant consistent color, brightness and wash through out the aircraft.

iPlane Harnesses the Power of the Spectrum™ Lighting System



The Spectrum™ Cabin Lighting System was developed to be fully integrated with iPlane for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Use iPlane to control endless color and brightness variations and bring out the beauty of the aircraft's interior. iPlane saves favorite settings, placing the perfect ambience at your fingertips.

Spectrum Mood Scenes

Use your favorite photos to set the perfect mood

Spectrum Mood Scenes turn personal photographs into custom color palettes. Touch any color in a photo and instantly recreate the color and warmth of your fondest memories.