CCC makes major investment in reliability and quality with purchase of HALT/HASS Chamber

In-House HALT/HASS Equipment

The past few months have been an exciting time at CCC, as we have been moving into our new expanded manufacturing space. Our latest news is the installation of a HALT/HASS system from Hanse Environmental. Having this in-house capability will improve product reliability while keeping our manufacturing agile, so that we can deliver custom VIP systems on time.

The Purpose of HALT and HASS

The purpose of HALT/HASS testing is to create more reliable products by revealing design and manufacturing weaknesses so that they may be corrected. HALT or Highly Accelerated Life Testing will be used during product development to help our engineering team identify design weaknesses at an early stage. HASS or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening will be implemented as an important step in our manufacturing process to ensure product reliablity.

HALT Testing Stresses a Design Until Failure Occurs

HALT testing subjects a design to increasing levels of stress exceeding the products specifications until failure occurs. The entire process is carefully monitored and analyzed to allow design improvements. Our engineers then make improvements and retest to ensure that CCC's designs far exceed expected operating temperatures, vibration, and power inputs that will be experienced in-flight.

HASS is Based on the Limits Found During HALT to Ensure Quality During Production

After HALT a HASS testing procedure is developed for quality control and to identify any manufacturing problems. HASS runs individual units through ranges of temperature, vibration, and power inputs to ensure no failures during normal use. If there are problems detected the information will be used to improve our manufacturing processes.

During Testing Designs are Subjected to Range of Stresses

  • Extreme high and low temperatures
  • Extreme rapid temperature stresses (up to 60C/min)
  • Vibration up to 100gs
  • Combined temperature and vibration stresses
  • Tension stresses
  • Other relevant stresses

Better Testing, Better Engineering, Better Manufacturing, Better Products

Having in-house HALT/HASS capabilities is already bringing improvements to CCC's designs, as our engineers are using HALT feedback to refine and strengthen designs. A huge focus is also improving our manufacturing processes. Our products are made by hand and feedback from HASS is delivered to our production employees to directly provide training and improve quality. The results of this testing have also been clearly seen in our recent System Integration Labs (SILs), with several SILs finishing in just days rather than a full week or more.