AVOD In-Flight Entertainment System


Re-imagine your In-Flight Entertainment

AVOD In-Flight Entertainment System

AVOD is new, improved and better than ever

Take your In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) to the next level with Custom Control Concepts' AVOD. Our AVOD system allows every passenger to simultaneously access high-definition IFE content from any monitor in the cabin, ensuring limitless In-Flight Entertainment for every flight.


Now optimized for the new iPad!

Set your In-Flight Entertainment free

Introducing wireless IFE streaming


Create the ultimate in-flight music library.

AVOD integrates your music collection into your IFE library. Browse your collection by Album, Artist, Genre, or Mood. Music can be enjoyed through the cabin sound system, in-seat headphone jacks, or streamed to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


Bring your movies everywhere you fly.

Upload your physical or digital IFE library and playback content on any cabin monitor, seat display, or Apple touch device. Video is played back in crisp HD and can be distributed to all monitors or just one. AVOD gives you the flexibility to decide and enjoy.


Stream your IFE library to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Experience the freedom of true on-demand with wireless IFE content streamed directly your Apple touch devices. Choose to playback IFE content in the palm of your hand or have content displayed on any cabin monitor.

AVOD meets iPad

Stream IFE content to your Apple device

Streaming In-Flight Entertainment on iPad, iPod and iPhone

With iPlane you can enjoy the latest In-Flight Entertainment along with your favorite digital content from your Apple devices. iPlane gives you the freedom to stream content directly to your device or view it on an HD cabin monitor.


More ways to watch

Our most entertaining IFE system ever

.Streaming In-Flight Entertainment on iPad, iPod and iPhone

AVOD gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose what to watch and where to view your HD In-Flight Entertainment. Playback content from any source ,on any cabin monitor or stream content directly to your Apple device for the ultimate in handheld IFE.

We've made adding content easy

IFE Media Manager

Use the on-board media loader to quickly add the latest releases to your IFE collection. Or use the optional off-site bulk loader to easily import up to 100 audio and video discs at once. Our Media Manager does all the work for you, seamlessly adding artwork and other information while you worry about more important things.

• Import up to 100 discs at once with the optional bulk loader.
• Artwork and program information is added automatically.
• Edit and customize all artwork and program information.

Media Manager automatically pulls artwork and
program info from our online database.